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W e  c r e a t e
n e w  n o r m a l

Welcome to chainiz, 
High-quality Blockchain,
NFTs, Crypto & P2E marketing
services at your fingertips.


Adding value to customer’s needs
Chainiz is a specialized blockchain marketing agency
that puts its utmost priority in client’s satisfaction.

In this complex blockchain market, we don’t simply follow
the traditional laws and rules, but rather stretch further,
and provide a new Paradigm and solutions by
reading market trends in advance.
We connect the new digital world, the better future, by
coming up with winning strategies aimed at brand growth.
Successful blockchain
marketing comes from
an agency with a significant
amount of experience.
Since 2017, chainiz has been providing customized
solutions based on Big Data, along with considerable
marketing experiences superior to any other marketing agencies.
Accumulated clients
Of blockchain marketing
Project listings

What We Do

  • 01Planning & Consulting

    Strategic planning and consulting

    • Market trends guidance
    • Business model clarification
    • Target strategy proposal
    1:1 consulting is conducted by our
    blockchain specialists in order to set the
    right direction and objectives for each project.
    We propose customized service strategies
    and come up with effective planning
    by thoroughly taking market trends and
    situations into account.
  • 02Development

    Platform development customized
    to business model

    • White paper / Website
    • Coin development (ERC / Klayton / Solana)
    • NFT / PFP
    • Platform
    • Video production
    We create coins, white papers, homepages,
    platforms, and videos which are inevitably required
    at the early stages of the project.
    Based on our know-how and expertise
    developed for over 5 years in blockchain marketing,
    we support effective launch of services.
  • 03NFT

    Trendy NFT Development & Promotion

    • Minting page / Artwork
    • Rarity classification
    • Discord set-up & Management
    • NFT trends & Insights
    • X2E event & Promotion (P2E, M2E)
    • Influencer PR (Telegram, Blog, Youtube, Twitter)
    We deliver highly professional solutions
    through strategic marketing which fits under the
    Non-fungible token (NFT) business.
    Distribute several media services, such as planning,
    production, promotion, management, and PR,
    execute marketing plan best practices.
  • 04Community build-up

    Strengthening community through
    events hosting to attract more users

    • Community set-up & Operation
    • Event planning & Creation
    • Release event posting on influencer channels
    • Community management & Moderation
    • Telegram / KakaoTalk / Discord
    • Bot set-up
    We offer a wide array of services ranging
    from community launch, operations
    management to event progress.
    All the services you need at your fingertips.
    Official project community is a mandatory step and
    is an essential metric to measure ‘fan base’ and interest.
    The fastest place where stakeholders find and
    share their interests and information, which often
    determines the success of a project.
  • 05KOL marketing

    Influencer target marketing

    • Influencer marketing
    • Telegram / Blog / YouTube / Twitter
    • Target marketing (DeFi, NFT, P2E, M2E)
    • AMA (Ask Me Anything)
    Introduce and promote projects through
    blockchain & crypto influencer channels and
    platforms both domestically and abroad.
    Highly recommended for services such as listing,
    NFT Minting, DeFi Service and game platform release.
    Assessing the right audience with a clear targeting
    promotion stategy increases reliability and
    maximizes marketing impact.
  • 06Promotion

    Viral promotion optimized for
    various channels

    • Naver / Google SEO
    • Viral blog posting (Naver)
    • Direct messages / Shilling services
    • Community viral
    • Regular postings on influencer channels
    We perform viral marketings on major blockchain &
    crypto communities in Korea as well as blogs.
    To maximise marketing efficiency and appear at the
    top of various key channels, organic development
    through word-of-mouth is a key element.
    Chainiz contributes to raising project awareness
    and visibility with optimized viral marketing services.
  • 07Listing

    Successful exchange launching
    & Marketing

    • Exchange research
    • Listing marketing
    • Listing on local & global exchanges
    • Audit
    Assistance for getting listed on domestic
    and global exchanges; advise based on the project.
    Exchange listing must be carried out by partners
    who have in-depth knowledge in the industry,
    as policies concerning exchange listing and conditions
    are subject to frequent volatility.
    Chainiz offers optimal listing and marketing plans
    by adapting its proposal to each situation.
  • 08IR & PR

    Target public relations to domestic
    and global medias

    • Major global & domestic PR / Media
    • Investors relations
    • Targeting Press
    • Top media references
    • IR activity
    Release articles both in domestic and foreign media.
    Reaching various media channels can
    spread a positive public awareness on projects.
    Hassle-free way to build a brand image
    and gain credibility.
    Release available on Korea’s major
    web portals as well as on Google.
    Each exposure is coordinated through
    customized consulting to target suitable medias.
    In addition to the aformentioned services,
    Chainiz also offer guidance in IR.
    All services offered are tailored to each situation.

Chainiz has been achieving
growth jointly with both
domestic and global clients

JEFF World is a metaverse platform by Danal
which has a vision to expand the world through a
combination of various activities.
Users can enjoy diverse themes in JEFF World’s new
utopian Crypto Valley, and expand the metaverse
universe with a creation & development of more contents.
Total Amount of 1st Mint
KOL Engagements
GemHUB is the blockchain game platform project.
As the global P&E game-oriented De-Fi project,
it has begun with the idea that ‘Share the profits
of P2E game business with gamers’, and aims for the
blockchain service platform that ‘Easy and Convenient
Influencer view
PLWI is a PFP NFT project backed by both
entertainment and blockchain.
In alliance with a affiliated partners, PLWI
connects communities that expand both
in-game and in real life.
Influencer view

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